Small Town Czech Republic <3

Kutná Hora

The Church of Bones. It’s a place that commands attention. After hearing about Kutná Hora and the Church of Bones, we decided we had to check it out for ourselves. Only an hour train ride outside of Prague and we found ourselves walking up the hill to the Sedlec Ossuary, aka the Church of Bones. At first I was a tad underwhelmed by the small exterior, until we walked inside. Every single part of the ornamentation in this church was made of bones, human bones. In fact, 40,000 people are in the Sedlec Ossuary. There were four pyramids of bones, a coat of armor made out of bones, but by far the most haunting was the chandelier made of bones. Why so many bones? The plague hit this region and about 30,000 people died. Following the plague was a war which killed another 10,000. With nowhere to put them, according to the legend, a blind (and some say insane) monk started to obsessively arrange and organize all the bones into what they are today.

After hanging out in a dark room full of bones we set off to check out the town of Kutná Hora. We had a wonderful picnic in the town square, then made our way up to the massive, gothic-style cathedral—as our Grandpa says, “an A.B.C.”, another big church. The cathedral was up on a hill with gorgeous views of the valley below. With the leaves starting to really change it was so nice to just spend most of the day outside and enjoying the sun and the crisp air. All in all, I was really happy we went to Kutná Hora!


Packing up and leaving Prague after such a wonderful week, we caught yet another train, this time Třeboň! Třeboň is a lovely little spa town which also is right next to these huge fish ponds which supply most of the Czech Republic with their Christmas carp! We got a hotel right on the old town square, dropped our bags and headed right to the one of the spas in town to make an appointment for a massage the next morning. After about 15 minutes of nice ladies trying to make our appointments while only speaking Czech (there was lots of writing things down and pointing), we had two appointments for Katie and Savan (my handwriting was clearly not the neatest that day) for the following morning. Leaving the spa, we went to explore the park and made our way to the fish ponds. With beautiful foliage around the water, we spent a good amount of time casually strolling and being goofy. We’re small town girls at heart, so we just love a good trail, some gorgeous trees, and fresh air after a week in the city.

After frolicking in the fall foliage, we were quite hungry and decided to finally get some authentic Czech food at the restaurant below our hotel. Two hours later and after the sun had gone down we were finally done eating. The square was deserted and we started feel like it was getting really late. We were wondering if we should head up to our room, so I checked my watch. It wasn’t even 8pm! Classic small town, just like Marion (our hometown). We spent the rest of the night walking around old Třeboň and watching a movie in our hotel room. After being in other people’s space for the past 6 weeks it was SO nice to just have our own room and to just sit back and relax for the evening. In the morning after our massage and a long lunch we caught our 2pm train to Vienna! Stay tuned for our experiences in the city of music!


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