PRAHA! (Part 1)

We thought we’d never make it there, but after a long and hectic travel day, we arrived after dark in Prague. Our Uncle Nick’s cousin Sue and her husband Tom were going to let us pay them a visit and then stay in their apartment for a few days while they took a trip to Germany. Sue gave us a warm welcome at the train station and walked us through Wenceslas Square to her family’s apartment just behind the National Museum of Prague. We dumped our packs and Sue treated us to a lovely dinner, complete with potato cakes and sekt, a sweet sparkling wine that’s only available for a few weeks in the fall.

Tom joined us for a beer at the restaurant after bringing their daughter Maia home from hockey practice, and we got acquainted with our 3rd currency here in Europe—Ceský Koruna (Czech crowns)! Sue taught us a few survival words in Czech and Tom showed us a very tricky Czech tongue-twister: “Strč prst skrz krk.” It means, “stick your finger through your neck.” A bit nonsensical, but grammatically possible nonetheless!

The next morning, we walked with Sue to pick up Maia from school, and Sue gave us a walking tour of Staré Mesto, the Old Town of Prague. She helped us get oriented to the geography of the city (which was really nice after being vaguely lost most of the time in Berlin), gave us a few insider tips, and pointed out some things we should go and have a look at.

The next day, the Barendregts left for Germany, and Sarah and I spent the day wandering around their lovely neighborhood, called Vinohrady. I picked up a pair of shoes at a thrift shop in the neighborhood…Czech women must have small feet, because I ended up having to buy a men’s pair! Sarah and I found an international bookstore and picked up some reading materials. There are also several lovely parks, lots of beautiful fall foliage, and a very strange TV tower (check out the photos, you’ll see!).

Stay tuned for Praha Part 2!


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