A Train Ride A Church

Leipzig turned out to be a very…interesting place. We got off the train and made our way to the hostel, there was something a little off about the neighborhood, a stark contrast from the quaint and charming neighborhood of Kreuzberg where we spent our time in Berlin. It definitely had a grittier vibe than Berlin, and we were imagining that’s what Berlin possibly would have been like before it became relatively cleaned up and touristy. It had more graffiti rather than street art that you would see throughout Berlin. There are also tons of punk people in Leipzig, lots of colored hair and face piercings and face tattoos.

After throwing our stuff in our lockers at the hostel we set off to try and find St. Thomas Church, where J. S. Bach served as canter for many years. Katie had studied the place in her music history classes and wanted to see it for herself. As we opened the church doors we heard the pipe organ, someone was rehearsing! It was amazing to hear Bach being played in the same church that he spent so many years.

After a quick dinner we headed to a bar called die naTo to see a show that Katie had found out about online. The band, called Fenster, was from Berlin and they wore all white and had light-up shoes. The only girl in the band was American which was really cool! It was so nice to be around people our age. We’ve been spending a lot of time with older people, and all most all the time with each other. Fenster played a kind of alt-pop style of music. They had a screen behind them with visuals the whole time as well. The vibe they created was really cool. Overall it was a nice chill show to go to!

We’ve been missing fall back home. It’s slowly feeling more and more like fall here, the trees here in Germany have started to turn. The street outside the hostel was lined with trees which have turned a nice dark gold. The foliage is nothing compared to home though. We are looking forward to experiencing October (my favorite month out of the year!) traveling through the Czech Republic, Austria and France!

Sorry for the lack of photos, there will definitely be more from our adventures in Prague! Stay tuned!



After writing the above blog post the morning we were scheduled to catch our train out of Leipzig, all hell broke loose. We went to the platform to wait for our train, which did not arrive. The screen above the platform that had once had our train (ICE 2443- Dresden) on it now did not. At first we thought that maybe it was late or that they possibly had changed platforms. We found a platform screen with ICE 2443 but it didn’t say Dresden. Still confused we looked at the departures board but our train to Dresden was nowhere to be found. Suddenly an ICE train pulled into the second platform we thought might be where it could arrive. Not wanting to miss our train and wanting to get the heck out of Leipzig we ran for it, jumping on the train just in time. We accidentally got on in first class and were walking through the train to get to second class when I noticed that there was in fact a sign that read, Berlin-Hamburg. We got on the entirely wrong train! Definitely not wanting to go back to where we had come from we ran off the train as fast as we could.

At this point we were at a total loss for what was going on, our train seemed to have never arrived. We had a connecting train in Dresden to catch and people waiting to greet us in Prague later that day. Frustrated and stressed out we needed to find answers. Easier said than done, the line for the information desk was stretching longer by the minute and moving at a glacial pace. Katie posted up in line while I camped out with our bags. I saw two men directing people to their platforms and answering questions, wanting to know where the heck our train was I ventured over to them, but sadly they didn’t speak English. The younger of the two men was trying to convey what had happened in English to another curious and confused traveler, I heard something about a person who was “killed” or “died”. Something had happened either on the train or the tracks before our train got to Leipzig, meaning it had never even arrived.

An hour later, feeling like we were rather shit out of luck Katie finally got back from the info booth where conveniently no one really spoke English either. There was a lot of jabbering in German, she had no idea what he was saying but he handed her a paper with information on alternate trains. As she walked over to find me a train to Dresden arrived miraculously at the platform right in front of us, we weren’t a hundred percent sure it was the right one, but without hesitation we jumped right on. FINALLY, we were on our way to Prague.

Side note: currently writing this while sitting in a train that looks exactly like the inside of the Hogwarts Express. Could not be more excited to get to Prague!

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