Currywurst, Marathon, Flea Market- BERLIN!

Post-orchard life led us to the great and historical city of Berlin. We spent most of our week there just walking around the city, people-watching and looking at all the great street art. We were staying in Kreuzberg, which is a very multicultural part of the city. There were a lot of great restaurants near our flat, and since we figured that “traditional” German food is probably pretty similar to what we eat in Iowa, we took the chance to try some different cuisines—Sarah ate Thai and Indian food for the first time!

The one thing everyone said we had to try was currywurst. We came upon a little hole-in-the-wall place that just said “Currywurst” on the awning in faded letters, so we figured that would be authentic. We stepped up to order, and the owner asked us if we wanted it spicy. Obviously we said “yes, the spicier the better!” Clearly doubting us, he gave us a sample of some sauce from a bottle with a skull and crossbones on it.

It was spicy.

But we were game for it, so he drenched our currywurst in the sauce. When we started eating, we found that the spice really sneaks up you, so we had to stay calm and focus up. I couldn’t talk, and Sarah kept saying she was going to pass out. We weren’t sure we could finish it, but with the owner watching us, we didn’t want to wimp out. Even the French fries were spicy, so the only way to get a little relief was from the big glob of mayonnaise on top.

It looked iffy for a moment, but we did manage to finish our currywurst. We were sweating pretty badly afterwards, and decided we deserved a nap after that experience, so we went back to the flat and had a lazy afternoon.

On Sunday, we got up bright and early to head over to Mauer Park for the famous weekly flea market. On our walk to the subway station, we happened across the Berlin Marathon. We knew it was happening that weekend, because someone had asked us if we were there to run (we said “no, but we’re flattered that you think we look capable of running a marathon!”). We stood and watched the runners for a bit, and then we realized that the subway station we needed to go into was just across the street filled with runners…so close yet so far! There was no way we could cross the marathon, so we decided to walk alongside and see if there was another way to cross. We ended up following the path of the marathon for about a mile, and had lots of fun looking at all the spectators and runners. There was a swing band playing on one corner, lots of kids with balloons, funny signs encouraging the runners, and flags from many different countries. We must have looked like we knew where we were going, because one lady even stopped us to ask for directions.

We found finally found an overpass, so we were able to make our way to Mauer Park. The flea market was HUGE! We arrived pretty late because of the marathon, so by the time we got there it was packed. There were hundreds of stalls where people were selling clothing, records, jewelry, and antique home décor. My vintage spidey senses were tingling, and it made me miss my Etsy shop—it was definitely inspiring to see, and made me want to take my vintage wares to a flea market back home!

So that was Berlin! Be sure to check out the photos. Now off for a day trip to Leipzig, Germany, and then off to Prague!


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