The Magical Møns Klint

Before we arrived in Copenhagen, Ida made an epic list of things to do/see in Denmark. Obviously we couldn’t do everything, but one thing that everyone was saying we just HAD to see was Møns Klint, a cliff of sorts. We put it towards the top of our list of things to do with Ida, but after a hectic week of site seeing, taking a whole day devoted to this cliff just wasn’t in the cards. Since the apple orchard was on the way (sort of) to this cliff from Copenhagen, we decided that one weekend during our WWOOFing stint Ida would pick us up and we’d head up to Møns Klint and check out this cliff situation.

The weekend came and Ida, Lasse, Katie, Kira and I made our way toward Møn, the island this mysterious cliff is on. I refused to Google this place because I wanted to be completely surprised, and was I in for a treat. We began with a picnic and then started down some stairs through the woods. As we got closer to the bottom, the trees opened up and we could see the top of the cliff, way way up there. Once we reached the bottom we were on a beach, a beach made up of flint rock, large rocks, it was like nothing I’ve ever seen. The face of the cliff itself is made of chalk, it was fascinating. The sky and the water were a vibrant blue next to the white face of the cliff.

As we walked along the rock bed, Lasse started finding fossils! Fossilized squid tentacles and fossilized fungi. It was so cool! After a lovely walk along the rock beach we reach the stairs to head up. It was a bit of a climb but the trees we were walking through were completely magical (there’s a real theme here with me, get me into some trees and I’ll be so content). The trail we were climbing up was along the side the edge of the cliff, and once we got to the top the view was breathtaking. We had the perfect weather and picked an off time to go (later in the day) so we had the trail all to ourselves.

All in all it was such a nice break from life at the orchard, the magical Møns Klint is with out a doubt one of the top five favorite things we did in Denmark!

Hope you enjoy the pictures below! I got a little picture happy, a majority of them were just of trees (classic Sarah move) but these were my favorite!

Stay tuned for a post on Berlin. Spoiler alert: we’re LOVING it! 🙂


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