A Day at the Market

When I found out that I was The Chosen One to go work a market with Anders, I was slightly skeptical at first.  It was to be an all-day affair, loading up the car at 7:30am and not returning home until after 6pm that night.  I love a good farmer’s market as much as the next guy, but it involved skipping my afternoon free time (and mushroom hunting) which I’ve become quite attached to.

The morning of the market, I got up just as the sun was rising to fix some breakfast and get ready.  Anders and I loaded up the car and trailer with fruit and apple juice.  I was so sleepy, and there was a dense fog hovering just above the ground that made me want to crawl right back into bed.  But when we arrived at the “market,” I found a full-blown festival!  More specifically, a farmer’s market/flea market/Renaissance-festival-but-with-vikings, all rolled into one.  It took place at Kongskilde Friluftsgard, a nature center about an hour north of Kysøko.  I took some time to wander away from the booth and explore the market, viking village, and nature areas nearby.  I even stumbled upon a beach!

Back at the booth, Anders was quite the salesman.  He was drawing a lot of customers in to taste samples of his famous apple juice.  I picked up a few words in Danish that ended up coming in handy when Anders needed to take a break.  I managed to sell about 4 kg of pears, 3 apples, and several bottles apple juice in his absence. There was a lot of pantomiming involved.  A few people laughed at my pronunciation of “æblemost” (apple juice).  From what I could gather, I was saying apple + something-that-wasn’t-juice.

It’s been great to find so many English speakers so far on this trip, but it was fun to have the chance to be out of my element for a change.  It turned out to be a good day, and I still got to hang out in the forest that evening!  Win-win!


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