Orchard Life

After almost a month in Denmark, I’ve started to feel quite at home, definitely starting to get used to the fact that I’m not just going to be returning home soon. After such a busy pace in Copenhagen it was so nice to get out into the countryside and take some time to relax and regroup, along with experiencing a whole new side of Danish culture.

After a rocky start, our time at the orchard turned out to be a great learning experience. We worked for 4 hours every day, picking apples, pears, raspberries, or making juice. If you know me at all, you know that I am a bit of a picky eater. I can proudly say that as of right now, I’ve tried everything, even liver and pickled herring! (Definitely won’t be eating those again voluntarily.)

Speaking of food, one of my favorite things while staying at the orchard was cooking. We would go out and pick what we were going to be cooking with, dig up potatoes and artichokes, or get some fresh basil from the greenhouse. Everything we made was SO fresh and completely delicious, and pretty darn healthy.  Katie has become quite the chef and its so inspiring to try to come up with new dishes for us to try with all the great produce!

By far my favorite thing about staying at the orchard was the forest, which was just across their field. The trees towered high above and created a beautiful canopy. Late on sunny afternoons, the rays of sunlight coming through the trees would create a golden hue, as if it’s glowing. No photographs could even come close to doing it justice. We would often take an afternoon walk or run through the woods, Katie even found a plethora of mushrooms that we (once we decided they wouldn’t kill us) used in a couple meals.

We were surrounded by animals here at the orchard: kittens, hens & roosters, hedgehogs, sheep, SO MANY SPIDERS and SLUGS, hares, and pheasants! It was always very entertaining. And if the animals weren’t entertainment enough there were some interesting people too, two girls also from the States (Vikki and Ellen) who have spent the past year in Alaska, a girl from Belgium (Hilike) taking a gap year before starting university, a guy from northern Norway (Brage) above the arctic circle and last but not least a girl from Portugal (Katarina) who was an extra in a Game of Thrones episode filming in Morocco! Its been so fun to get to know them along with our hosts, Anders and Susanne!

Its hard to believe that our two and a half weeks are up, it has FLOWN by here. Next we venture to Germany and we are so stoked to see what Berlin has to offer.

Check out a handful of pictures from the orchard and the forest!

Until next time Denmark!


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