After 9 days in Copenhagen I am worn out. Ida and her family have been absolutely amazing hosts to Katie and I. We’ve seen so many great things and eaten so much wonderful Danish food! Ida has packed almost everyday full of places to go and things to see! From boat tours to castle tours to climbing the spire of Our Savior’s church, I truly feel like we’ve experienced what Copenhagen has to offer, and I’ve been loving it! We’ve packed so much into such a short time that I would be writing a novel if I covered everything, so here are some of my highlights!

  • Our boat tour through Copenhagen was amazing… being able to travel through the canals alongside all of the sailboats and historic buildings was too cool, but what made it even more memorable was that it started down pouring during the tour! Luckily Ida had gotten us some ponchos, but we were still soaking wet. While our boat was docking, I SAW A CLEAR FISH!! It was completely clear and it was awesome!
  • Rosenborg Slot, my first official castle! It used to be a countryside house but now its right in the middle of Copenhagen, a little oasis in the city.
  • Danish hotdogs! I’m truly sorry Chicago, but Denmark wins this one! We hit up an organic hotdog stand one of our days in the city and it was, hands down, the best hotdog I’ve ever had.
  • We were headed to the Royal Opera for a tour at 10:30 and it’s on its own little island.  While walking there, we realized that the bridge that was on our map isn’t actually finished yet, so we had to go all the way back where we came from and run in the rain to make it to the opera.  We were 5 minutes late and they had already started the tour and locked up the doors!  Things start exactly on time in Denmark.  Thankfully we weren’t the only ones late–there was a group of 15 of us that had all arrived late, so thankfully they let us in! It’s a newer opera house, so it was so cool to see all the little details and the thought that went into making it such an amazing place!
  • Kronborg Slot, aka Hamlet’s castle, was nothing short of majestic. While following the arrows, we were lead into the basement and down some stairs, into a dungeon that was pitch black.  It was a Monday, so it was not busy at all in at the castle. We were completely alone in a dungeon, it was SO CREEPY! Katie wanted to explore on past that, but I wimped out, because if you know me you know that I do not do haunted houses or anything remotely similar, and this was the real deal. I ran out of there so fast!
  • One of the most beautiful places we went to was the graveyard where Hans Christian Andersen, the famous fairytale writer, is buried. It was more of a park with some graves, and it was such a beautiful sunny day.  There was this EPIC long path right through the center of it, completely lined with really tall trees, it was gorgeous! The graveyard is also in the middle of Copenhagen, so you enter from a busy street right into this quiet and calm park.
  • Christiania (sometimes called the Free Town) is basically this hippie town right in the middle of Copenhagen, it was SO interesting! Over 800 people live there and they follow their own rules. We went there for a picnic by the lake, had a nice relaxing lunch, and we tried Faxe Kondi which is this Danish pop. It’s SO good!  A Danish rapper wrote a whole song about how much he loves it, it’s quite hilarious!
  • By far the CRAZIEST thing we’ve done on the trip so far was climb up Our Savior’s Church.  You climb over 400 steps and 300 feet, the last 150 steps being outside on the spire.  It was SO high up! I’m not one to be scared of heights, but to be that high up climbing the stairs around the spire and not even being harnessed in had me shaking! But what resulted was a breathtaking view of Copenhagen!
  • Tivoli!! One of the world’s oldest amusement parks was magical. We ate a wonderful and delicious dinner and then watched a ballet performance. There are lights EVERYWHERE, and the whole place just has this feeling of stepping back in time. It was so magical with all the lights and old rides and carnival games. There were some newer rides though, one of them being the Vertigo, which looked terrifying.  Listening to people scream while on it was hilarious though…one girl was freeeeakking out, at one point she screamed “I’m gonna die up here!” It was quite funny, but she’s braver than me, just watching it made me feel sick. Also, we ate the most delicious churros which in Danish they call “warm Spanish tubes” 🙂


So there you have it! 9 ACTION PACKED days in Copenhagen–it’s been simply wonderful to be able to explore this city and spend time with Ida, Anna Mette, Peter, Lesse and Kira! Tomorrow we are off to our next destination: an apple orchard in the Danish countryside.  Can’t wait to start picking apples, making cider and exploring another part of Denmark!

 Be sure to check out our photos too!  You should be able to click on each photo to see a description. Thanks for reading!





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